Seo Friendly URL Using .htacces in PHP

Why SEO friendly URL is required.

In web technology, when we are publishing any blog or any application in web server, in that case, all we need the traffic from users by google search engine, for google page ranking we need to make it SEO friendly URL, means that URL should not contain any special character like ?,* or &, etc. Here I am giving an example below URL is having special character, I need to remove the index.php, question, and ampersand. For achieving this result I need to help a web technology that is called .htacess file. It will give the command to the server as the instruction written here.

Now to make SEO friendly URL like

If you have .htaccess file in your root folder then, we have to write below the line for code. If you don’t have any .htacess file then simply create a file name as .htaccess and put the below line of code.