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Error Reporting Not Working in PHP

I just wonder why error reporting not working php. In this page i will show you how to show error massage in php by setting some code snipet, which would be easy for a developer to debug the code and fix the issues. Sometimes you wrote a code without any proper IDE and some mistake

Check Username Availability Using Ajax + PHP+Mysqli

This post all about Check username availability using ajax PHP mysqli. checking username is very popular functionality in e-commerce, social networking websites, insurance, and banking applications. To make a user unique or his identity on this application it requires a username. At the time of the registration, the application will ask to provide username and

Export Table Data to Excel Using PHP and Mysqli

This page is all about how to export table data to excel using PHP and mysqli. We have explained here step by step export data to excel in php. This functionality required for daily basis data backup for e-commerce or enterprise level website. This export functionality will help to manipulate a large amount of data

Add Watermark on Image Using PHP

This post is all about add watermark on the image using PHP. In general image recreation in PHP by adding some text or some color or resize it height and width is done by PHP GD library. So in this scenario, PHP provides us some in-built function to do such kind of put text mark

How to Convert String to Sentence Case in PHP

This post is all about How to Convert String to Sentence Case in PHP. Why Sentence case is required? Whenever you want to know your text content case is properly formatted or not, it either lower case, upper case or, camelcase. Same like sentence case is a custom function. Some cases in website whenever you

Send Email With File Attachment In PHP

Hi Developers, Thanks for reading send an email with file attachment In PHP. Email is a method of exchanging message between people by electronic devices. We can say It’s a very Common and Important functionality for Web and mobile application. Nowadays Most of the E-commerce website having functionality like Contact us, Feedback, Various Notification like

PHP Session Timeout + Login Popup with Ajax Login

Why popup login modal box session timeout in PHP using Ajax. Sometime when we are browsing some sensitive or private website we must have to face login and registration. So when we are using this website and we open multiple pages, the browser will allow us. But when we log out and forgot to close