Dynamic Add Rows in Jqury With Add, Edit in PHP and MySQLi

Here this page is all about how to add dynamic rows in Jquery and add, edit with PHP, and Mysqli using the database. Step by step you can do within a min of time. Many PHP developers have facing this kind of functionality in their projects, but they are thinking it is very tough to do it, believe me, it a only minute of code that you can easily do.

Below code, I  explain only for PHP Using mysqli. One can use this same pattern in Dot Net, Python, and some other technology also. let starts the Below code. Just copy the code or download the code in your local system to run easily.

dynamically adding rows in jquery and add, edit with database

Step-1: Index.php


Step-2:  dbconnect.php ( Database connection )


Step-3:  Create a Database and import the table given below.


Step-4: Run in Localhost:

I have created a folder as dynamic_field_add_edit_php in localhost

So I will run by URL : http://localhost/dynamic_field_add_edit_php/

If you are facing any issues in adding rows in jquery and edit, add functionality in PHP, Mysqli Please Put the comment below.



Download the source code


Click here download dynamic_field_add_edit_php


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