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Error Reporting Not Working in PHP

I just wonder why error reporting not working php. In this page i will show you how to show error massage in php by setting some code snipet, which would be easy for a developer to debug the code and fix the issues. Sometimes you wrote a code without any proper IDE and some mistake

Not able get flashdata in CodeIgniter

I am wondering why not able to get flashdata in codeigniter. Here Some point we have to aware before setting flashdata in codeigniter. As of you know session in codeingiter handled by two way, one is file and other one is database. So some times database session causes problems. SO we need to set. [crayon-5ed8c583bfdb4796928017/]

How to set Flashdata in Codeigniter

This page all about how to set flashdata in Codeigniter. Codeigniter has a very good feature like one time show message in view page. One time means very next server request is carry the message, then automatically it unset after one time page refresh. This is feature is called as flashdata. Before redirect page from

Database Setting in Codeigniter

Database setting in codeigniter is the basic configuration after install the codeingiter in your server or localhost. Its very simple to setting database. This blog we will show you how to configure the data base in step by step. 1) Creat Database in your phpmyadmin 2) Open your projects folder -> application->config->database.php 3) Change you

Python Interview Questions for freshers

If anybody searching for python interview questions for freshers then this is the page we can provide all type selective questions. Top 30 questions here cited with real-time examples. So just review before going for python face to face interview. What is the difference between Java and Python? Python. It is faster than java in

React Js Interview Questions

You are reading react js interview questions. Nowadays this is a very good web/ mobile application development front-end framework. Here you can get the most expected react js interview questions. What is ReactJS? React JS is a library of javascript for front-end development. React Js developed at Facebook. React Js used for the development of  Complex

Angular Js 5 Interview Questions

Angular Js is the most widely used web development framework which can be used potentially for mobile apps and desktop applications development. Especially it can be used for Hybrid (Cross Platform) mobile application development. It is developed by the Google developer team. Day by day it’s updating its version. 1,2,4,5,6.. on going. Here you can get

Express Js Interview Questions

This page all about express js interview questions. Nowadays Apart from angular js Express Js also an important for web / mobile application development framework. What is Express js? Its a light-weight Widely used open-source web framework which can use for both web application development and mobile app development using backend MongoDb with Node Js Platform. Express js is a