Hindi Font Not Displaying Properly in PDF in PHP

Most of the developers are facing issues when generating PDF for Invoice or Doc files in PHP, In the Hindi Language. This blog all about generates PDF with Hindi font In PHP. Here I will show you the example and some points so that you can easily convert HTML to PDF with the Hindi Language.

For Generating PDF in the Hindi  Language, we have to Use TCPDF.

Step-1: download TCPDF library files.

Click here to Download tcpdf files.

Add this files to you PHP file, like below


Step-2: Set font which is going to supports Hindi.

Here Below Example, I am able to Generate an Invoice for My Client In the Hindi Language.

HTML to PDF conversion in HINDI language in PHP


Code Goes Here:



Here You have to download the TCPDF zip file and unzip in your root folder, then run this PHP file, you will get the pdf in the Arabic language. Any Issues Leave a comment below, I will try to fix your problem.

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I hope this blog helps you a lot.