Zend framework is one of the best PHP frameworks. This page contains Zend framework interview questions for both freshers and experienced candidate. Define the zend framework and what are the features of Zend? Zend framework is an open-source and follows the MVC pattern. It is used to develop modern web applications. It provides any PHP […]

This post about the Cakephp interview questions for experienced. Here you can get 100 + tough CakePHP questions for an experienced candidate. It is another famous framework in PHP. Q: Describe the features of CakePHP? These are the features of CakePHP: MVC pattern: Using Model you can insert, update, delete the data from the database. View contains the […]

Laravel interview questions and answers for fresher. Laravel is the one of most secure, powerful and lightweight web application frameworks design by using popular technology PHP. It has some inbuilt features for fast development. We will cover all kinds of interview questions. Most of the MNC company now hiring Laravel personnel in huge number. Here […]

What is the MVC pattern of Codeigniter? Codeigniter follow the MVC architecture. Using MVC you can separate logic from presentation. Model: Contains all the database function.Using a model you can insert, update, delete the data from the database. View: Generally, view on a web page. But in Codeigniter, a view can also be a page fragment like a […]

This post all about Check username availability using ajax PHP mysqli. checking username is very popular functionality in e-commerce, social networking websites, insurance, and banking applications. To make a user unique or his identity on this application it requires a username. At the time of the registration, the application will ask to provide username and […]

This page is all about how to export table data to excel using PHP and mysqli. We have explained here step by step export data to excel in php. This functionality required for daily basis data backup for e-commerce or enterprise level website. This export functionality will help to manipulate a large amount of data […]

This post is all about add watermark on the image using PHP. In general image recreation in PHP by adding some text or some color or resize it height and width is done by PHP GD library. So in this scenario, PHP provides us some in-built function to do such kind of put text mark […]

This post is all about how to find days difference excluding weekends angular 6 | 7. Suppose you have two different dates and we need to find the days between dates excluding weekends in angular 6. Here you can find a simple two function to get this perform. Angular 6 is nowadays are very most […]

This blog is all about core PHP interview questions. It is prepared by real-time PHP developer and working in Big MNC company and 10+ years of experience also. Basically, all the core PHP interview questions are unique. What is PHP? Abbreviations of PHP is “PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor”. Old Name was Personal Home page; Its scripting […]

This post is basically to learn about angular 6/7 Datatable with search bar and pagination. Most of the website/blog providing data table by using angular 6 packages but filter and pagination are missing. Here we very much care about those features which are most common important in all type of angular 4, 6 and 7 […]