This page all about why alert message and page redirect not working inside PHP. Sometimes you have faced this kind of issue, Suppose for an example if someone submit the form and after data inserts in the database successfully then he wants to show the alert message. In that particular scenario If we echo some […]

Sometimes, I have faced some issues when calling to function inside PHP script, The database connection not working inside the method/function, In case , it will work in MySQL but In the case of Mysqli Connection, we need to pass the connection object as a parameter.

Suppose I have a function below example you […]

Have you ever faced such kind of issue which looks like very easy but when you are fetching the data from MySQL, populating inside a loop with ASC or DESC keywords? But In datatable It will not work. Here Why Asc/Desc Not working In MySQL Query in Datatable Is Solved With Simple trick.. Just add […]

Here this page is all about how to add dynamic rows in Jquery and add, edit with PHP, and Mysqli using the database. Step by step you can do within a min of time. Many PHP developers have facing this kind of functionality in their projects, but they are thinking it is very tough to […]

Welcome to free online projects. Here we are providing you free project on Cyber Cafe Management System in Codeigniter. Free Source code download cyber cafe management system in Codeigniter. This project basically built using PHP + Codeigniter Framework and Mysql Database. Now All the IT companies are looking for candidates who having knowledge or experience […]

Why SEO friendly URL is required. In web technology, when we are publishing any blog or any application in web server, in that case, all we need the traffic from users by google search engine, for google page ranking we need to make it SEO friendly URL, means that URL should not contain any special […]

This page all about country, state and city database download in .sql format. Many of developer is searching for the database which is related country ID should be in state table and state ID in city table. So here you can download these table free of cost for your development. sometimes developer wants cascading dropdown like […]

I just wonder why error reporting not working php. In this page i will show you how to show error massage in php by setting some code snipet, which would be easy for a developer to debug the code and fix the issues. Sometimes you wrote a code without any proper IDE and some mistake […]

I am wondering how how to display / echo Flashdatain view Page in codeigniter. Here Some point we have to aware before setting flashdata in codeigniter.

  Name of message should exactly match with setting in controller and populate in view page.

I am wondering why not able to get flashdata in codeigniter. Here Some point we have to aware before setting flashdata in codeigniter. As of you know session in codeingiter handled by two way, one is file and other one is database. So some times database session causes problems. SO we need to set.