Magento Interview Questions for Experienced

This page is about Magento interview questions for experienced, Nowadays Magento is a very good CMS for E-commerce website development.

In Magento, define the use of page layout?

In Magento, layout files are used for front pages rendering.

Define content management system(CMS) in magento?

These are the uses of CMS in Magento:
1: To manage all the website pages.
2: It provides the most valuable information about the products to the customer.
3: It increases the visibility for search engines.

Define static blocks in Magento?

In Magento, static blocks means:
1: It is a piece of content that can be used anywhere in the pages.
2: Magento allows for creating blocks of content which can be used through the store and also added to any pages.

Define Polls in Magento?

In Magento, to know the customer’s opinion and preferences by using polls. After submitting the customer’s response, immediately polls appear in the result.

In Magento, define how to optimize the Magento environment?

In Magento, here are the points to optimize the Magento environment:
1: By using cloud computing Magento application could be optimized.
2: JavaScript and CSS files are merged so that it reduces the load time since it loads one merged file.
3: It uses a complex database, so it needs to be run on a dedicated server.
4: In terms of performance, the most important aspects is the proper MySql configuration.

In Magento, define how to optimize the Magento configuration?

In Magento, here are the points to optimize the Magento configuration:
1: Optimization of session storage.
2: Identification and disabling of unused Magento modules.
3: Do not host files on your web server that you do not use.
4: To speed up Magento performance, don’t run MySQL and web server On the same machine.

How to describe the process of code optimization?

Here are the lists to describe the process of code optimization:
1: Unnecessary or unused code process are removed.
2: All the JavaScript and CSS files need to be compressed and aggregated.
3: Uninstall all the unnecessary PHP modules.
4: Identify and examine the bottlenecks in your code both front-end and back-end.

Describe how to improve the performance of the database?

Here are the points to improve the performance of database:
1: For better performance always cleaned up unused data.
2: Configuration of setting and limits of the database server.
3: Optimization of database queries.

In Magento which version of PHP used?

In Magento PHP 5.4+ version of PHP is used.

What is the use of WSDL in Magento?

In Magento, it is called Web services description language. It is used for describing web services and how to access them.

Describe details of Magento’s MVC architecture?

1: MVC stands for Model-view-Controller.
2: It is a robust design pattern that separates data access, business logic and user interface code.
3: There are two types of MVC:
Example: CakePHP
Example: Magento
4: A typical MVC concept,
Model: It contains business rules and application data.
It is used to get information from the database.
View: In view, these files reside under template in app/design folder.
Controller: This layer decides the main actions, request, and response of clients which may change the model’s state and produce data views of the model layer.

In Magento, define the process of the order life cycle?

Here is the process of the order life cycle:
1: In Magento, the order follows a standard lifecycle.
2: When customer order products, it comes in the administration interface with a pending status.
3: Then the order is processed, the order of status changes according to the current state in the processing workflow.
4: Now the invoice is created for the order, the status changes from pending to processing status.
5: After that, it creates a shipment for an order which changes the status from pending to complete status.

In Magento, what are the types of sections present in the design section?

There are two types of sections present in the design section:
1: Custom design
2: Page layout

Define the page layout section in Magento?

In Magento, page layout section contains a layout option that allows selecting layout and Layout Update XML option inserts the XML code.

Define the Use Of Meta Data Section While Setup New Pages?

In Magento, metadata holds all the keywords and descriptions of the pages.

In Magento, how to optimize the Magento front-end performance?

1: To perform front-end operation much better and faster, use of the latest version of PHP.
The newest released version may cause the errors, so carefully read the release notes and check out the new version.
2: To improve the performance of Magento, use a clean database.
Every time, the database log needs to be clear. Automatically created logs to keep track of record session and interaction are stored in the database.

Define grouped product in Magento?

In Magento, the grouped product is a group of simple products. Here you can’t specify a specific price for a product, you can only specify the discount for the products.

Define configurable products in magento?

In Magento, the configurable product is a type of product where customer before purchasing the product, he can select products according to their color and size.
Example: Fridge, obtained in different colors and sizes.

What is a disadvantage of EAV model implementation?

 – EAV model is inefficient to fetch more column, if it fetches 20 columns then it will create 20 self join to fetch all results.
– No mechanism for relationships between subtypes.

How to get total items count in shopping cart of magento?

$cartQuantity  =  Mage::getSingleton(‘checkout/cart’)->getItemsCount();