Laravel Interview Questions and answers for Fresher

Laravel interview questions and answers for fresher. Laravel is the one of most secure, powerful and lightweight web application frameworks design by using popular technology PHP. It has some inbuilt features for fast development. We will cover all kinds of interview questions.

Most of the MNC company now hiring Laravel personnel in huge number. Here you will get top Laravel questions and answers prepared by Laravel experts, which will helpful to crack face to face or technical interviews.

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Q: Define the framework of Laravel?

It is basically used for the development of web application followed by model-view-controller(MVC) architecture in PHP and also it is an open-source web framework, created by Taylor Otwell.

Q: Define routing in Laravel and what are the steps to write it?

In Laravel routes directory contains all the route files. Automatically all the route files are loaded by the laravel framework.

For web interface routes/web.php files define routes. The web middleware group provides features like session state and CSRF protection which is assigned by routes.

Q: Define Lumen in Laravel?

Lumen is a micro web framework. It helps to build Laravel based microservices and fast REST API’s.

Q: Laravel framework advantages?

  1. It is a simple and fast process for a setup web application.
  2.  Multiple file system is available in the Laravel framework.
  3. Already present authentication system.
  4. All the application logic are written in route.

Q: Define composer in Laravel?

All the PHP applications are installed and managed by a dependency manager which is called composer.It also provides nice code reusability.

Q: How to installing laravel through composer?

Run the below command to install laravel through composer:
composer create-project Laravel/Laravel your-project-name version

Q: what is the use of PHP artisan and find out some artisan command?

It is a command-line tool present in laravel. Artisan commands are helpful commands for making our application easily. These are some artisan command

  • 1.php artisan make
  • 2.php artisan thinker
  • 3.php artisan make controller_name
  • 4.php artisan -version
  • 5.php artisan make model model_name
  • 6.php artisan list
  • 7.php artisan help

Q: How to check which version of laravel is currently installed?

php artisan -version command line is used to checking which version of laravel framework is currently installed.

Q: What is the meaning of events in laravel?

In laravel, the event provides simple observer implementation and also it is an incident identified and handled by the program. Some example of events are user login/logout, a new user comment is posted,a new user has registered, the new product is added.

Q: In laravel what type of template engine to be used?

Blade template engine is used in laravel. It is the most powerful and simple template engine and the extension of blade view is .blade.php which is placed in the resources/views directory.

Q: In laravel how to change the default database?

MySql is the default database in laravel which is placed in config/database.php file.Here search for ‘default’ => ‘mysql’ and change it to eg:’default’ => ‘sqllite’.

Q:What do you mean by Migration in laravel?How can we achieve?

Basically, in your database Laravel Migration acts like a version controller and allowing the user to edit and share the application’s database schema.
1. For creating Migration,Make:Artisan command
2. After Creating Migration File it is stored in /database/migrations directory
3. Every migration file has a timestamp and it allows to know the order of the migrations.
4. Depending upon the operating system, open the terminal or command prompt to view.

Q: In Laravel which type of service providers are available?

Ans: Service providers occupy the central place of all Laravel application bootstrapping.
Through service provider, all the laravel applications are bootstrapped. In laravel service container such as middleware, routes all the service providers need to be registered.

Q: What is the process of register a service provider?

Steps to register a service provider:
1. Open Config/app.php file
2. Find Provides array having ServiceProvide.
3. Add namesapce ” Iluminate\Xyz\XYZServiceProvider:: class” end of the array list.

Q:In laravel define implicit controller?

A single route is established to handle every action in the can establish it PHP


Q: What is the role of “composer dump-autoload” in Laravel?

When “composer dump-autoload” run, the composer re-reads the composer.json file and build the list of file to autoload.

Q: How to define a Laravel service container?

The service container is the most important and powerful tool in laravel.In laravel using this tool for performing dependency injection and resolving class dependencies.

Q: In laravel how to find the IP address of the user?

In laravel to find the IP address of the user, use the ip() method of request’s class.


Q: Enabling query log in laravel?

In laravel using enableQueryLog() method to enable query log.

Q: How to define laravel facades?

All the facades which are available in laravel provide access to the different features.
It also provides static link interface to classes which are available in the service container.
All the facades are defined in a namespace.

Q: Uses of the custom table in laravel model?

In laravel create new model than overriding protected $table property of Eloquent. Here are the uses of custom table


Q: Uses of a fillable attribute in laravel model?

In laravel create new model than overriding protected $fillable property of Eloquent. Here are the uses of the fillable attribute.


Q: Why we use Eloquent cursor() method in Laravel?

The cursor method is using a cursor which allows you to iterate through the database records to execute a single query.
while executing a large amount of data, the cursor() method is used to reduce memory usage.

Q: why we use dd() function in laravel?

It is a supporting function and drop the browser’s variable content and pause the script execution.

Q: In Laravel what is the use of closures?

An anonymous function that can be assigned to a variable which is called closures, closures can also access a variable outside the scope.

Q: In laravel, what is stored in the vendor directory?

Vendor Directory of laravel stored all the packages which are pulled out from composer.

Q: Define laravel contacts?

Ans: It is a set of interfaces which is provided by the laravel framework that defines the core services.

Q: In laravel, what is the role of PHP compact function?

Compact() method can take any key to find the variables with the same name and that variable will help to build the associative array

Q: In laravel, in which directory controllers are located?

The path of controllers are App/Http/controllres.

Q: In laravel how to get logged in user info?

In laravel user() function is used to get logged in the user info.


Q: Caching is supported in laravel or not?

Yes, popular caching backends like Redis and Memcached are supported in laravel.To use the file caches driver, which keeps the serialized,
cached objects in the file system,laravel is configured. It is always preferable to use caching backends like Redis and Memcached for large projects.

Q: How to define ORM in laravel?

ORM is called object-relational mapping. It is a mapping tool for converting data between incompatible type system using object-oriented programming language.

Q: How to create a new record in the database using laravel eloquent?

laravel eloquent is used to create a new record in the database, here are the steps:
1: To create a new model instance
2: Set attributes on the model
3: Call the save method.


public function saveProduct(Request $request )
$product = new product;
$product->name = $request->name;
$product->description = $request->name;

Q:In laravel how to define traits?

Ans: It is a collection of functions which are included in another class. In php, traits can reduce the limitations of single inheritance
by enabling a developer to reuse a group of function in a variety of independent classes which is present in different class hierarchies.


Q: Using artisan how to create migration?

Here are the commands to make migration through artisan
PHP artisan make:migration create_users_table

Q: How to explain validations process in laravel?

In laravel controller class uses a ValidatesRequests trait that provides a proper function to validate all HTTP requests which are coming from client-side. By creating Form Request we can also validate data.

Q: What is the meaning of laravel eloquent?

1: It is the most important part of PHP ORM.
2: It provides a very beautiful and simple Active Record.
3: All the table present in the database containing a corresponding MODEL.
4: This MODEL is to interact with the table which is present in the database and performing some database-related operation on the table.
Example of model clas:
namespace App;

use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model;

class Users extends Model


Q:Is laravel application secured?

Yes,laravel applications are 100% secured. Some inbuilt security features are available in laravel:
1: CSRF security
2:input validations
3: encrypted session/cookies and also a high encryption level for securing Passwords.

Q: What is the meaning of Active Record Implementation in laravel?

Ans: It is an architectural pattern which is present in memory object data.
Using eloquent ORM, laravel implements Active Records.
$product = new Product;
$product->title = ‘OPPO f3’;

Q:what are the types of relationships supported by Laravel?

There are 7 types of relationships supported by laravel. These are given below:
1: Many To Many
2:  Polymorphic Relations
3: Many To Many Polymorphic Relations
4: One To One
5:  One To Many
6: One To Many(Inverse)
7: Has Many Through

Q: What is the use of laravel Query Builder?

It provides an easy, suitable interface to creating database queries.

Using PDO restriction it can prevent our application from the attack of SQL injection.