Cyber Cafe Management System In Codeigniter

Welcome to free online projects. Here we are providing you free project on Cyber Cafe Management System in Codeigniter. Free Source code download cyber cafe management system in Codeigniter. This project basically built using PHP + Codeigniter Framework and Mysql Database. Now All the IT companies are looking for candidates who having knowledge or experience in any PHP framework like Codeigniter and Laravel, So this project will help you a lot.

Below the page I have given some screenshot for just for an overall view, if you want to see the demo then scroll down the page, you can able to see the video.

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Login Page

Login Page Cyber Cafe management system

Manage Computer Page

Cyber Cafe management system using Codeigniter

View Demo

Modules in Cyber Cafe Management System

Login and logout


Admin Has the only capacity to log in

Admin can change the password.

After Admin login into this application, he can see all module in the dashboard module.

Logout model is for logout the session, If admin wants to quit from this application then he needs to log out the application for the security purpose. It will destroy all the session until the further login.

Dashboard Module


Get Total Count of Computer

In this section, you will get total count of the computer added in your server. All the Count will calculate automatically.
Get Total Count of Online Customer

In this section, you will get the total count of the users/ customer added to your server. All the Count will calculate automatically. If you click the link, then you will be retired to that page where you can see the total customer now using the system.
Get Total Count of Checkout Customer

In this section, you will get the total count of the checkout users/ customer added to your server. All the Count will calculate automatically. If you click the link, then you will be redirected to that page where you can see the total customer has been checkout.
Change Password for Admin

This section admin can able to change the password, By using this module admin has to put his/her old password and New password followed by a Retype New password. This form also validates the server-side, Nobody can change the password without knowing the old password. All the Password has been stored By MD5 decrypted format.

Computer Module


Add Computer

In this module, admin can add the System name/ computer name, Cabin No., Lan Port No.

Now the list of the system will show in the manage computer section.

Edit Computer

Here Admin can able to edit the system details/ computer details. Here very important functionality has been given to admin, if the system won’t work for any technical issues, then admin has the option to change to it preparing mode so that that system or cabin will not visible in the time of add user or add computer section.

Delete Computer

This module Admin can delete the computer details from the computer list.

Search Computer

Admin can search globally, by using the key work like Computer Name, Cabin No., Port No.

Make Computer for Repairing Mode

Admin can change repairing mode to working mode after the technical issues are fixed, And He can change the working mode to Repairing mode by clicking the same link from the computers list from the manage Computer module.

Customer Module


Add Customer

Here Admin will enroll the customer details. Admin has to fill the Custome name, Available cabin no, and date-time will auto-fill. In fact, cabin No. will available that are not played or engaged by other users.

Edit Customer

This module admin can check out the customer by verifying the time spent by him/her they admin will take the money from the user, then admin will select the logout option from the dropdown given in the edit form, then update. Now that customer details moved to the checkout list section.

Delete Customer

Admin can delete the user or customer as per their need, In that scenario, you have to go to manage customer module and click the delete button, then one confirmation popup will show to admin they if admin clicks the ok button then that customer data will delete from the server.

Assign Cabin no. 

Admin can assign cabin no. to users or customers where they want to sit.

Search Customer

Every module we have search options for admin, admin can search by name, date, cabin no, etc.

Global Search Module


Get Customer information between the two dates

This module for searching data between two dates. you will get all the list of customers who had played or checkout in those dates. after that admin will get the time spend by each customer and their payment on this list.

Technology Used in the project

  • HTML : Page layout has been designed in HTML
  • CSS : CSS has been used for all the designing part
  • Bootstrap: Bootstrap has been used for Responsive means that will support in all devices like mobile, tablet, and Desktop, laptop as well.
  • JavaScript : All the validation task and animations have been developed by JavaScript
  • PHP: This Project has been developed By PHP as Main Technology.
  • Codeingiter : Project has been developed over the Codeingiter Framework
  • MySQL : MySQL database has been used as a database for the project

Supported Operating System

  • Windows: This project can easily be configured on the Windows operating system. For running this project on Windows system, you will have to install
    XAMMP, or WAMP
  • Linux: We can run this project also on all versions of the Linux operating system
  • Mac: We can also easily configured this project on Mac operating system.

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